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discounts available when ordering 500 plots (~50TB) or more.
up to 50TB per day
With 100TB per day capacity we are one of the largest producers of chia plots on the market.
We focus on pro customers who need large quantity of chia plots. We have state-of-the-art equipment around the globe delivering chia plots to you fast and reliably.
1Gbps and even 10Gbps
download speeds are avaialble
Our servers have 1Gbps uplink. Most our clients download plots at 1Gbps.
If you are lucky to have 10Gbps speed — we can send you traffic with this speed.
We do not ask for your private keys to your chia account.
To produce plots we only need your public farmer key and public pool key which are safe to share.
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Where can I find my public keys?
1. launch Chia app and check if it is most recent version 1.1.4
2. click on Start and then start typing "Command Prompt"
3. click on Command Prompt
4. insert the following command into Command prompt Window and hit ENTER

%APPDATA%/../Local/chia-blockchain/app-1.1.4/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/chia.exe keys show

- run the following command:

chia keys show | grep 'Pool\|Farmer'

If you are going to farm chia on pools then please provide us pool's public farmer keys and public pool keys.

How quickly can I can download my plots?
This depends on your internet speed.

Most of our clients have a 1Gbps download speed. They can download 5-10TB of plots per 24hrs.

Several pro clients have 10Gbps so they can potentially download a whopping 50-80TB per day. We can send plots at a 10Gbps uplink to such clients.

Below is the estimate of how many TB you can download per 24hrs depending on your download speed:

100Mbps: ~10 plots/~1TB per 24hrs
250Mbps: ~25 plots/~2.5TB per 24hrs
1Gbps: ~100 plots/~10TB per 24hrs
10Gbps: 1,000 plots ~100TB per 24hrs
How many plots can you produce for me in 24 hrs?
We can generate up to 50TB of plots per 24 hrs but this depends on our load.

How can I download my plots?
2 options:

Direct download link
1. We give you a direct link to a folder where your plots will be appearing.
2. If you want to max out your download speed, we can give you 5-20 links so that you download simultaneously from different servers.

For Linux users:
Via rsync. This will enable immediate download as soon as new plots appear. This is great option as here you get your plots immediately once they are generated.

How many days my plots are available for download?
5 days. Most clients aim to download their plots within 1-2 days as everyone is interested in fast delivery.
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